Maintenance Inkjet Printer

Maintaining printer is the only way to prevent problems with your printer.
keeping printer in shape is pretty quick and easy.
Just a couple of minutes devoted to a few maintenance steps will keep your printer almost entirely free of most common malfunctions.

1. Use Printer on a regular basis

The Number One complaint about poor print quality specifically streaking print, white lines through the print, or no print at all can be avoided by frequent use of your printer!

Most all print problems are primarily caused by ink drying up in the print head nozzles, which clogs them and doesn't allow ink to reach the paper. Use of the printer to print both black and full color documents on a weekly basis at the least, will go a long way help with this problem.

If you don't print often (less than a couple of times per week) your printer's ink nozzles will most likely get clogged. This is true with all printer models (more so with Epson printers). This will require running a printhead cleaning cycle or two, to get the best quality prints. Cleaning cycles use "bunches" of ink... not good!

Tips :

Simply place a "sticky note" on your computer monitor to remind you to print something in both black and color at least TWO TIMES a week. For example, use a colorful web page to print. This will use MUCH LESS ink than having to run multiple printhead cleaning cycles through the printer utility.

Ex. :

Print Webpage that colourful or small size of picture that colourful, this way is more efficient than head cleaning

2. Power Down Properly

Don't forget to turn your printer off when not in use (end of day). This will help prevent clogging of the nozzles in the print head.

Tips :

ALWAYS use the printer's on/off switch, not a 'power strip'. Using the on/off switch will fully activate the printhead capping mechanism and help prevent drying/clogging of the printhead nozzles.


3. Remove Paper Dust .

All that paper feeding through various rollers and guides tends to leave dust behind. Depending on how many pages you usually print per week and the weight of the paper (heavier bonds leave more dust), cleaning out the interior of your printer with a can of compressed air every one to two weeks improves the ability of your printer to feed pages. Also, visually inspect for the larger stuff like paper clips, etc.

Tips :

NEVER use an electrical power vacuum as it can cause a "short" in your printer and possibly "fry" the elctronics in it

If you live in a dusty area and/or have pets inside, simply put a cover over the printer (plastic or cloth) to reduce the amount of dust or hair into the printer. Make sure your printer is off before doing so.

How to Clean Roller Paper ?

You can clean with dura klin,
drop dura klin on blank paper , than print blank page several times ( 4-5 times ), use tray button to pull out paper



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