Your printer won't Print right ?


If your printer won't print right , you must work on catridge or Nozzle.
Because Your Printhead is most likely clogged.




What the sign of clogged printhead ?

The signs of clogged printhead :

  • White lines occur when printing documents or pictures, so the result is not perfect
  • Indistinctness or broken lines occur in the nozzle check pattern.

bad test print

  • Ink just doesn't come out during printing.


How does a clogged printhead happen ?

Inkjet Printers have different system, it depends on the brand.
Every brand has its own style and what it can do. There are different types of inkjet printer. Examples, Micro Piezzo Crystal system and Thermal Head system.
Generally  problems can occur from different factors:

  • Printer is not often used.
  • Low Maintenance ( head cleaning ).
  • Often using different type and brand of ink.
  • Delay in refilling in the ink, it becomes overheated.

How to look after the printer ? you can read here.

Technically and in detail, we can take an example of the epson brand.
Epson printer have a printing resolution, each resolution is called Dot Per Inch (DPI). This means Epson head printer is designed so that the nozzle on the head is smaller than on other brands.
The diamter of the hole on the nozzle is far smaller than human hair , imagine how small the diameter of this nozzle ? :-)
so, the possibility of this head getting clogged is very high, and when this happen, just doing print head cleaning, is not enough to solve this problem.

What is the solution ?

We have the solution to clean the head/ nozzle which is clogged or dry.
Use our liquid which can dissolve dried ink, precisely "any printer ink".
e.g. dye ink base, pigment base or durabrite ink.
Our product works well on most printer inkjet brands ( Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Brother).


Our Solution is DURA KLIN
Quick, easy and safe to use.

Read detail of product

dura klin


  Dissolve clogged ink of dried ink n the nozzle
Imported with a new formula  
Safe for hands/ skin
No dangerous fumes





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